Gaming communities

The current state of the gaming industry is marred by toxicity in many forms, namely racial and gender inequalities. Underlying these inequities however, is a larger inequity that alienates many potential game players. In this line of research, we examine motivations of game players, and expand discussion of motivations to personality types. Commercially successful games tend to disproportionately depict violent encounters, a characteristic that may benefit those who are either predisposed to engaging in violence (albeit in a game world) or those that are highly competitive. We feel that it is a fallacy to suggest that violence and competition are the sole sources of successful game play, and we propose developing more inclusive game communities that champion cooperation (perhaps against a computer-enemy), or even solitary motivations, such as collecting resources and caretaking. Our games of choice to explore these topics include Overwatch, and World of Warcraft (particularly classic WOW).